Sunday, May 22, 2011

Solo clean up 4

The day after the end of the world... I cleaned the beach while my children played in the ocean with their amazing Dad. I felt fine picking up the hundreds of cigarette butts as I heard my children laughing in the distance. What I wasn't ok with was just sitting on the beach. Once I stopped cleaning up all the litter I could possibly pick up I jumped in the ocean with my boys then walked to my towel to sit and sink into deep thought. Thoughts of why is this so difficult for people to understand? It's trash and it doesn't belong in nature. I'm pretty sure almost every person on the beach saw me. I mean you can't help but notice the elephant in the room? (not me) but the fact that ONE person was picking up trash on a Sunday morning while a hundred others ignored me! No one offered to help, sadly not even my own family. So this makes me wonder WHY do I do this? Maybe one day there will be one more just like me on the beach and  maybe that someone will help me fight this battle.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day, Earth

Today we went on a hike! I dosed myself with some deet and set out to pick up trash.... My husband thought I was silly to take gloves and a trash bag on a mother's day hike but I thought I it was silly I only brought one bag!!! I knew there would be plenty of plastic to pick up but what we saw was just too much. We couldn't believe what we were seeing. Well seeing is believing and I think I finally got Nathan to see what the BIG deal is! We picked up 90 pieces of trash. Most of it plastic bottles, beer cans, bags, glass, and a couple shoes, and the best was a huge piece of canvas that we were able to fill up with all the trash and drag back to the parking lot. Happy Mother's Day to the Earth.... We had fun collecting trash but it was disturbing to us at the same time! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New to me

Thanks to an amazing person in Wilmington N.C. I am inspired to do something! The Brita comercial stopped me dead in my tracts when I heard them say we use enough plastic bottles to circle the earth 9 times. So I logged onto their website and found a whole new world of information. the next morning I went to the beach to clean what I could for just 20 mins... Yes a whole bucket of trash later I couldn't help but think of the 5 star restaurants and hotels and what they do to help out... So let the journey begin. My 2 sons and I are about to research all the local island business to see who uses non-biodegradable materials and if they recycle. I already know the answer... I want the public to know to. I want to take my boys on this adventure and see what solutions if any will come about. My goal is to see how the public reacts to this project. Will they care? Will the owners of the local business care? Or be embarrassed a 6 year old is upset they don't recycle. We will see.